Wandering Hearts

I ran for you as you found yourself lost amongst the dark of the woods. The bite left to your skin led you far from my capable reach and suddenly, the world lost its colour and my words, my talents, were spent grieving a world where you no longer existed. 

Today I travelled to a world to which they kept you. There she was, as beautiful as ever, with piercing eyes that allowed colour to be painted back into my surroundings.

I poured it all on the ground and the emotion they saw, allowed the permission that I can take you back to the world at which our love existed.

"You must move forward and not look back to her, until you have both left this place"

So we travelled, made our way through the obstacles that lay ahead and as the light was reached and the sun kissed my face, I turned in excitement that your face, id have the chance to lay my hands and tell you how much you've been missed...and then it happened.

The promise had not been met! You were slightly behind, enough that you were shining with the dark outlining your body and just like that, you were taken back, forever to now be spent in a place that did not deserve you...and for me....I spent each day until it was my time, where the parts of me could finally be placed back together with you by my side.. 

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